Our Program

Loving Homes

We provide competent residential care for enrolled students in a 24 hour supervised and safe environment which shields them from the outer hostile environment, bad influence and the substances/habits that they have been abusing. The students are able to be discipled together in the comfort of a home setting, receiving encouragement not just from their facilitators and counsellors but from each other as well.

Work with us by getting help for transformation


Our Testimonies

He joined the world of alcohol and drugs at age 5; was 10 when he started doing weed. By 15 he was doing shisha. Raheem was born in Mombasa. Shortly after this, his mother came to Uganda with him. When he was about 5 years old, his mother sent him back to Mombasa accompanied by a friend of hers. Raheem was off to live with his grandmother. His subtle rebellion seems to have started here.

He always had a knack for getting into trouble. A time came when he couldn’t go back to his grandmother, after he had disappointed an uncle. He couldn’t go back to the friends that had housed him often because he had hurt them too. As his bad reputation escalated, Raheem somehow made his way back to Uganda. He started to hustle like he had been doing in Mombasa. You see, Raheem had a habit of taking things that didn’t belong to him… quite like his mother.

Amid his hustle, Raheem gets introduced to VCC Ntinda where before long he is told about a place that could help him put his life back together. By this time, Raheem was fed up - tired of the running, rejection, hopelessness and sense of lack of self-worth. Two weeks later, he walks through the doors of TCU at appoint of surrender and admits his need for help.

“At TCU I have experienced love, especially from the Men’s Director, King Emmanuel. From the moment I stepped in he showed me nothing but love. On my first day off he took me to his place; gave me clothes, cooked me a meal and made me feel at home. He has consistently shown me that he is here for me, is open with me and rebukes me.” Raheem says.

“I went into addiction because I didn’t have guidance. Also, my mother left me at a time I needed her most. Whenever I make a mistake I am afraid because I don’t know how relationships work. In my former world they beat me or chased me away. To this day, I am quite afraid of losing relationships because formerly I was always thrown out. All that people did was point at my errors and yell at me,” he adds.

“The time I have spent with King has proved that I had missed parental love. In my heart of hearts, I know that King loves me so much that I can’t disappoint him. I can run to him with anything and in any kind of error with the certainty that he won’t cast me away. He will rebuke me in love and encourage me to get up and walk again. With him, I am not afraid.”

Raheem Former Student, Teen Challenge Uganda