Living Free

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TCU adopted a tool called Living Free (LF). We use this tool for most of our non-residential projects/interventions. This is material developed by the Turning Point Ministries. It is designed to help individuals facing life controlling problems, hurts and everyday challenges of life that can become overwhelming.
The Living Free materials enable us to reach out in four ways;

  1. Nonresidential: where we disciple and help individuals that for one reason or the other may not be able to be a part of the residential program.
  2. Countrywide trainings: equipping churches, organizations, communities and other entities to reach out to people with life controlling problems using the LF materials.
  3. School outreaches: visiting and partnering with schools to introduce the LF materials so that the school and student leaders are equipped to train and support individuals in dealing with real life problems.
  4. Street outreaches: taking to the streets/slums, connecting with individuals in their own neighborhoods as we share and support them in making better choices.

Children Outreaches

Restore Great Leaders
Children are the future of any society or nation. As part of our outreaches, we reach out to the little ones in various communities especially slums. We conduct sessions with them where we disciple them using the Word of God as we empower them to separate themselves from the lifestyle presented to them in the communities they live. We also play games, sing and dance; giving them the opportunity to be who they are – children.
Some of these children are sons and daughters to sex workers, drug and alcohol addicts and so much more. Through our outreaches, these children are able to confide in and build confidence and trust in who they are and the people around them whilst learning how to discern wrong company, bad influence and dangerous adults. They are in addition able to experience love and build hope for a better future, a future different from what they see in the moment.


Below are some of the ways in which entities and individuals can partner with us:
  1. Pay us a visit
    1. • Join us for fellowship or in our activities
      • Conduct a training (that will benefit our students)
  2. Volunteer
      • Be a Teen Challenge Ambassador
      • run a fundraising to support TCU
      • Introduce us to your church, organisation, friends and family
      • Tell others about our business products and services
      • Spread the word about TCU – our work and activities
      • Join us in our outreaches
      • Be our consultant
      • Become one of our facilitators/teachers or counsellors
  3. Through your giving
      • Sponsor a student
      • Make a onetime donation
      • Make a periodic donation
      • Sponsor an activity or (ongoing) project

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