Our History

Teen Challenge Uganda (TCU) is a Christian based Non-Governmental Organization registered in the country under the NGO Board. It has been in operation for the last five years. The organization is part of the Global Teen Challenge Organization that has representation on each continent (South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia, United Kingdom, Jamaica among others) and has been established for 50 years.

Teen Challenge Uganda was established as a result of recognizing the challenges caused by addiction and the effects posed to the nation at large. According to the Ministry of Health, the country recorded more than 85,000 cases of drug and alcohol abuse between 2010 and 2014. A Health Management Information System Surveillance report on alcohol and drug use indicates the highest consumption to be in the central region at 39%.

Uganda is the highest consumer of alcohol per capita in the East African region, according to the Global Status on Alcohol and Health 2014. It is no doubt that there is a growing increase of alcohol and drug abuse which is leading to the rocketing of addicts as well – a major concern for Uganda. The government has grappled with narcotics bill in a bid to deal with the increase in crime cases, domestic cases and idle in the slums and streets. TCU exists to play its part in ensuring these problems are dealt with.

Meet the Team

Didas Mwesigye

Programme Director

Stella Ukumu Mwesigye

Administration Director

Catherine Akello

Outreach Coordinator

Cordelia Besigiroha

HR Administrator

Emmanuel King

Men's Residential Director

Moses Kakyaama

Vocational & Work coordinator